Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Are All Votes Equally Important? The Art of Political Triage

As a mass media adviser and adviser during a major political political campaign I am often asked to field enquiries from protagonists of the candidate. Many have got got got words of encouragement, some have constructive unfavorable judgment and some have serious emotional issues requiring professional attention. If you have got ever been portion of a political political political campaign you understand my words.

From the minute campaign headquarters' presence door swings open, the nature of the animal is apparent. Imagine the exhilaration and avowal felt when the first military volunteer walks in to subscribe up. Now conceive of what dark inside information you might not be aware. Say, perhaps, that this individual have been kindly removed from every political campaign central office in this past thirty years. "People issues."

Many people don't expect having to be a force director. But person have to make it. Read books on the fine art of rejection: How to fire, how to state no, how to stay polite. Each military volunteer have alone motivations for helping the campaign. Few are sinister, most are dear and true. Respect the differences, but demand they work within the model and construction you have got set in place.

Despite best efforts, eventually the tough inquiry must be asked: Are all ballots equal? The public reply is always Yes. In reality, this is not the case. On some degree it is all British pound professional quo. You must develop a finely tuned filter – know where to pull the line. Most common cold phone calls and electronic mails will function only to distract. Rich Person a criterion give thanks you electronic mail answer form. End the dialogue quickly. Stay true to your message and keep your campaign's integrity.

Radio stations handle hearers the same manner you should handle solicitous voters. They certainly don't play every song petition called in. They have got invested billions of dollars in staff, equipment, advertising, scheduling and marketplace testing to aim a specific audience. It is of import to understand that the typical petition company might not be a good lucifer for the typical listener. Similarly, ailments about the music come up from individuals. No substance how many ailments are received, the station cognizes its music is the best tantrum for the mark audience.

This isn't to state such as input signal should be brushed off. When a hearer phone calls to kick about the music, he is made to experience that action will be taken. When a hearer phone calls to bespeak a song, she is told that it will play soon. Always listening, always placating, always providing a lovingness voice, but never deviating from the goal.

Take these lessons from radiocommunication and use them to your campaign. Essentially, trust your Numbers and demographic research. The angry hearer will listen again. Unsatisfied electors will still vote – they called you, not the other guy. Stick with the message your campaigner believes in and is supported by numbers.

Oh, and don't set it past your resistance to drench you with distracting electronic mails and telephone calls.

Stay focused. Rich Person responses posted and ready for all negative comments. In the end, they are unimportant.