Thursday, September 6, 2007

Another 50 Billion Dollars for Iraq

I woke up this morning time thought about Iraq. Last nighttime I learned President Shrub have asked for another 50 billion dollars to cover the cost of the Republic Of Iraq war. Some news federal agencies study the cost of the warfare is now at 3 billion dollars a week.

How much more than agony can be inflicted on the Iraki people for another 50 billion? How many more than American soldiers will be killed while disbursement that 50 billion? Who is going to acquire that 50 billion dollars? What is not being done in this state because another 50 billion is going to person waiting in Iraq?

Do some reading online and you can happen studies of the dingy statuses in Iraq. The substructure is so mediocre that in Bagdad the electricity is on about 8 hours per day. That is the Capitol metropolis and is the most developed metropolis in the country. Other topographic points are even worse with sewerage in the streets and no imbibing water. Forget about electricity.

Are we to disbelieve these studies are just broad faultfinding and arrested development on the jobs in Iraq? Or can we look at this and recognize money is just being shoveled down a achromatic hole? Companies have got been paid millions for Reconstruction work on substructure and the state of affairs is still abysmal. About 20 billion dollars appropriated by United States Congress four old age ago for Reconstruction have been spent.

Take Bechtel for example. This company have been paid 1.3 billion dollars for sewerage undertaking work. Less than one-half of the undertakings have got been completed. About 40 percentage of their measures for work have got been for "support" costs. Nearly 250 million dollars have been billed under the class "Other". I am certain this form is repeated over and over again with these "no command contracts".

I was looking at a listing of the top 200 contractors for the Federal Soldier Government. KBR, a subordinate of Halliburton, is figure 6 on the list, you will remember the Frailty President's human relationship to Halliburton. Almost 6 billion dollars for KBR from the Department of Defense. The top 5 are a who's who of weaponry makers.

Verizon received over 200 million in Defense Contracts from the Department of Defense. And there is old Blackwater USA, the private materialistic contractor at just below 600 million dollars. Blackwater is the employer of former armed forces people, White Person South African military, South American thugs, and Central American decease squad members. Read Jeremy Scahill's book about Blackwater USA.

This is all published information and probably legal. But, it is interesting who acquires what from the government. A tragical outcome, and also a form in the Shrub Administration is, people who have got got blown the whistle on corruptness in Republic Of Iraq have actually been punished. For audacious to describe illegal weaponry sales, Navy veteran soldier Donald Vance states he was imprisoned by the American military in a security chemical compound outside Bagdad and subjected to rough question methods.

Vance made his study to the Federal Bureau of Investigation business office in Windy City because there was no 1 in Republic Of Iraq he could trust. He revealed an weaponry selling operation that was selling anything to anyone who had the money. These were the weaponry intended for usage by the United States armed forces being sold to insurgents. Vance tried to expose it and lesion up in prison house being tortured.

Apparently, the unspoken word in Republic Of Iraq is don't state anything about corruptness or incorrect doing because you will be destroyed for doing so. A very neat agreement for any corporation who desires to do a buck.